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Academic Excellence @ IADC-A

Academic excellence is an ability to perform, achieve, and excel in various scholastic activities. Increased educational quality with an emphasis on professional development and administrative leadership, innovative teaching, and measurable learning outcomes address high-impact areas for student learning and experience in higher education institutes.

At IADC-A a unique and transformative general education experience that has flexibility while not reducing academic integrity including meaningful learning experiences. These are linked to programme learning outcomes that employers nationally have indicated are needed in the workplace. The experiential learning opportunities provided to students instill in their lifelong learning. This in turn results in students not only having a successful career but also being academically successful.

To achieve academic excellence, it is essential to create an environment that fosters the development of a community that can grow intellectually, socially, and ethically and is, therefore, able to pursue successful and fulfilling careers.

This is achieved through:

  • Institution’s vision is reflected in the learning outcomes of the programmes that are integrated throughout the curriculum which promote critical thinking, professionalism, physical and emotional health, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Partnering with businesses and organizations to provide experiential learning through applied projects and create opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in scholarly activities, and research projects so that they are able to translate this knowledge into practice in the real world.
  • Continuous and regular assessment of student learning outcomes and inculcating the best teaching practices.
  • Allowing students, faculty, and staff access to modern facilities, equipment, and advanced technologies through digital transformation.

Academic programs that exhibit academic excellence:

  • Have sufficient qualified faculty with the expertise, ability, and resources necessary to support instructional effectiveness.
  • Encourage diverse, adaptable, and applied instructional methods that serve a variety of learning styles and student needs.
  • Continuous improvement through benchmarking, and facilitating productive scholars in all disciplines, in all forms including peer-reviewed publications, grants, books, exhibitions, etc., are essential components of student learning, innovation, advancing knowledge, research-informed best practice, and enhancing academic stature.
  • Engages with the community in a variety of ways including lectures, symposiums, media, partnerships with local institutions, public service activities, internships, and service-learning projects

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