Overview of BBA

The B.B.A. curriculum is set up to give a broad overview that helps students understand the creative potential of new career growth opportunities based on changing needs in industry and society. The course is improved by taking into account what students want, how the subject is changing, and how students learn. The subject’s core ideas have been updated to reflect new developments and techniques, as well as to help students improve their skills and put more of an emphasis on different business functions. Problem-based learning has been added to the curriculum to help students understand different business and commerce ideas better. The NEP-2020 curriculum is meant to help students understand things better and keep the high standards of graduate programmes in the country. Efforts have been made to use new technology and MOOCs together to help students learn and teach each other. The main goal of the graduate programme is to help students learn more about their subjects and become better critical thinkers. This will help them deal with problems in industry and other business sectors. In a nutshell, the course opens up a lot of doors in many different fields, such as accounting, financial markets, marketing, and human resource management.

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