Bachelor of Business Administration B.B.A

PEOs & POs

PEOsProgramme Educational Objectives

The programme aims to nurture the students in intellectual, technical, interpersonal and social skills with a focus on holistic education and development to make informed decisions and equips graduates with the skills required to lead management positions.


To provide students with modern business knowledge and competence in functional management disciplines.

PEO3To promote management growth and entrepreneurship via experiential learning.

To instill professional ethics, human values, and social responsibility for the growth of organisations and societies.


To educate future business professionals who are able to apply theoretical understanding toward the development of viable solutions to challenges that exist in the actual world.

POProgramme Outcomes

Demonstrate a deep understanding of functions of management communication ideas and principles.


Demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge of finance, accountancy, law, statistics, HR, operations, IT and management subjects required for business decisions and apply knowledge to integrate concepts from various disciplines, to identify and develop business strategies for effective problem-solving and decision-making in a contemporary organization environment.


Apply the necessary competencies and skills with a creative mindset, to undertake entrepreneurship as a desirable and feasible career option and able to adapt effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in teams, and in multidisciplinary settings by demonstrating life skills, coping skills and human values.


This programme brings out reflective, scientific and creative thinking in the students which to get deeper insights into the business world and tackle complex situations with the help of skills and knowledge acquired.

PO5Imbibe ethical practices in profession and appreciate sustainability and evince a sense of social responsibility in their respective environments, by becoming citizens working for the welfare and benefit of the society, at large. Achieve higher levels of proficiency and self-actualization through the pursuit of life-long learning.

At the end of year

Exit Award

Outcomes Achieved


1st Year

Certificate in Business Administration 



2nd Year

Diploma in Business Administration



3rd Year

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration



4th Year

Honours Degree in Business Administration

PO1,PO2, PO3,PO4,PO5 


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