Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message - Indian Academy Degree College- Autonomous

Welcome to the Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous. It gives me immense pleasure to present a profile of our institution. Education is essential to the economic, social, environmental and political well-being of an individual, the community and the nation. All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect, given opportunities to develop their special aptitudes and insights, and offered equal opportunities to a fulfilling life and responsible citizenship.

We are committed to offer high quality education at an affordable cost in a broad range of disciplines at the bachelors, masters levels. Our highly qualified faculty, rigorous academic programs and vibrant atmosphere provide the perfect place for you to continue your education. I am proud of our Board of Trustees who have the vision to strive to provide a student-friendly environment. This makes the Indian Academy one of the most sought-after institutions of higher education.

I would like you to visit our college and experience the academic ambiance on the campus. I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities offered at the Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous.

Any thoughts or questions are welcome at: [email protected]

Thanking you,

Dr. Somasekhar Thummala Ph.D.

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