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The library has built up a reputation for higher academic standards, the IADC-A library and Information Centre acts as a nerve centre catering to the academic and research needs of the students, the researchers and the faculty members of graduate and post-graduate departments, covering Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Management engaged in the higher pursuit of knowledge. One of the pillars of such high standards is its high-quality Library facilities; IADC-A Library has been shaped as a centre of excellence, for academic and research pursuits by keeping itself open to the changes brought in by information and communication technologies. The Library has a huge collection of over a Thousand Books along with CDs and DVDs apart from the latest Journals and Periodicals. The library is actively participating and contributing to the success of UGC’s INFLIBNET and INFONET activities, and availing the benefits of these programmes for its users


This Library and Information Centre functions as an integral part of the IADC-A. The objectives of the IADC-A Library are

  • To build up a comprehensive and up to date collection of books, reports, scientific journals and other non-book material in the disciplines taught and researched in the IADC-A.
  • To organise the conventional and non conventional information sources in a systematic manner, in order to provide an efficient and prompt service to the clientele.
  • To disseminate information by issuing documentation lists and other current awareness services for the benefit of teachers and researchers to keep them updated/abreast with the latest developments in their areas of interest.
  • To provide other services such as compilation of current and retrospective bibliographies, procurement of photocopies, preprints, reprints and other reference services.
  • To enter into an arena of Information Technology using computer applications for quick and speedy information storage and retrieval.
  • To join the resource sharing activities of DELNET & INFLIBNET 
  • To serve as a nucleus of information in all the Departments.

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