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Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services (IACSPS) of Indian Academy Group of Institutions is the chief facilitator for the students to obtain placements best suited to them and primarily liaisons between Industry and the Institute. IACSPS has emerged as a preferred destination for many national and international organizations who come back year after year to recruit fresh talent nurtured at the Institute. IACSPS is dedicated to motivate and help the student community towards their campus placements and industrial training. This is done by training students from the first year onwards focusing on motivational skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, group discussions and interview techniques. Additionally, IACSPS also provides the required infra-structural facilities to conduct group discussions, tests and interviews besides catering to other logistics. The database of the students is well managed, which plays a crucial role in suitably placing the alumni too whenever required.

Final Placements are one of the major and hectic activities for the Final year UG, PG students, which happens in November – May, depending upon their final examination dates. However, the placement cell ensures the competitiveness of students by nurturing entrepreneurship skills in students to exploit the industry opportunities.
Here, we list down how things went down in our campus from a couple of years:-

  • Introduction to the Placement team and training on Essential Skill
    Though a small thing in the bigger context of things, the way it is conducted deserves a little attention. It is usually done in a manner to scare the students eligible for the placements, to instil that fear and to make every student realize that they have a long way to go before they can be ready. All this so that the students live up to the college name and don’t embarrass themselves with poor preparation.
  • CV Building & Verification Process
    The Placement team will engage the eligible students in a long gruesome process of getting the CV ready and verified. The students will have to fit their CV in the format the Placement Department share, go through multiple rounds of reviews and then finally generate proofs against every point written. However, based on our experience, it is highly recommended to spend time on this, since this is what will help the student land those shortlists for interviews to their dream company.
  • Mock GDs, Aptitude Tests and PIs
    These sessions can prove very helpful if taken seriously. It gives the students a sense of the level of preparation of their peers so that they can step up in the remaining time if needed. The feedback provided by the placement department and faculties also comes from their own experience, hence very valuable. It keeps their preparation in check and gives them a taste of how things will be like on the main day, that is the actual interview day.
  • Pre-Placement Talks by Companies / Placement Department
    Companies start engaging with campuses pretty early through pre-placement talks. It may last up to 45- 90 min, where they will walk through the role and how “wonderful” an opportunity is, its growth paths, etc. These talks are with compulsory attendance, imposed by the Placement Department with the penalty of being debarred from the process. Hence, we expect the students to have a set of formals ready and also find time to research the company before attending. This information shared will help frame interview answers and why the student wants to join this company/ role etc.
  • Own Preparation
    Nothing can beat this and we encourage and give tips to every student to find time in all the mayhem to introspect and prepare on oneself. From writing down answers to commonly asked HR questions to revising what has already been taught in UG, PG programs, to being up to date with current affairs, etc.

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