M.Sc. Applied Genetics

M.Sc. Applied Genetics

M.Sc. in Applied Genetics is a two-year, full-time postgraduate degree programme, conducted in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, spread over four semesters.

The objective of this course is to provide a platform for students to excel in research related to the field of genetics. Considering the increasing number of genetic diseases, human genetics will help decode human genes and fight dreadful diseases.

Each semester comprises five theory papers and four practical papers. Students must carry out research projects during their fourth semester. The syllabus covers various aspects of biology viz. genetic diseases and their inheritance patterns, cell biology, molecular biology, cytogenetics, cancer biology, cellular physiology, plant and animal biotechnology, stem cell application, epigenetics, population and evolutionary genetics, developmental genetics, gene regulation, human genetics, molecular medicine, RDT and bioinformatics. This course also covers the aspect of structure and function relationship of the human genome. It persists on the integrated study of human molecular genetics and its different applications.

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