M.Sc Biotechnology

M.Sc in Biotechnology is a two-year programme, conducted in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, spread over four semesters. It is offered under choice-based credit system of 100 credits, with enough flexibility to opt for open electives.

Biotechnology is the application of biological knowledge, relating to genes and cells, which is required to develop useful products, design new medicines, devise therapies, produce clones, genetically modify food, and enhance crops. It encompasses an ever-growing arsenal of laboratory techniques for the alteration and manipulation of molecules, genes and cells and often involves the harnessing or usurping of biological processes for a particular purpose such as the biological synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. The major papers taught are cell biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, biostatistics, enzymology, biochemical techniques, immunology and immunotechnology, molecular biology, environmental biotechnology, bioinformatics, plant and agricultural biotechnology, animal biotechnology, genetic engineering, bioprocess engineering, medical biotechnology, genomics and proteomics. This programme includes a project which is bound by evaluation and viva. Continuous internal evaluation is the method of assessment for internal marks, and summative assessment is followed in university examinations.

The curriculum of the course provides adequate emphasis on enabling students acquire laboratory skills. In addition students are trained to prepare statement of testable hypotheses, strategies for testing, methods of data analysis, and interpretation of the results.

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