M.Sc. Data Science

M.Sc. Data Science [Started in year 2021]

DataScience is data-driven science which is an interdisciplinary field comprising of Computer Science with emphasis on Machine Learning and algorithms, Mathematics, Statistics and Business/Domain knowledge. Data Science is used to extract meaningful information from huge volumes of data using modern tools and techniques, to find unseen patterns and make business decisions. 

M.Sc Data Science program is designed for aspiring data scientists to gain core competencies in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization and Cloud Computing.

Unique Value Proposition:

The M.Sc Data Science program at Indian Academy Degree college Autonomous provides:

  • Competency to work in interdisciplinary platforms
  • Versatile training in data centric research
  • Excellent Computer Lab with Wifi and broadband facility
  • Highly qualified and well experienced faculty members
  • Innovative teaching techniques with a combination of traditional and modern approaches
  • Wide-range of experiential learning activities in adherence with industry requirements
  • Guest faculty drawn from a pool of experts from Industry/academia , ensuring an industry- academia connect.
  • Skill enhancement through Workshops, Projects and Internships

Program Objectives:

  • Develop in-depth understanding of the key technologies in Data Science
  • Gain ability to design integrated solutions to problems by applying principles of Data Science
  • Provide strong core training both theoretically and practically to create adept data scientists
  • Provide strong core training both theoretically and practically to create adept data scientists
  • Inculcate values and realize the significance of ethics in a professional environment

Program Outcomes::

  • Apply Quantitative modeling and Data analysis techniques to solve real-world problems, communicate findings, and effectively present results
  • Apply Data-driven insights to business and industry
  • Build intelligent machines by applying appropriate algorithms
  • Pursue quality research in Data Science and develop solutions to societal needs
  • Build a career in Data Science and adapt to industry demands

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