M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

MSc in Chemistry Organic is a two years post graduate program spread over four semesters and affiliated to Bengaluru North University, The course covers all the main branches of chemistry in the first year- Physical, Inorganic and Organic. Pure Organic chemistry is dealt with in the final year which includes reaction Mechanisms, Organometallics, Stereochemistry etc.

No field of science is so closely related with out daily activities as in Organic chemistry. The food we eat is mainly organic in nature. The changes which this food undergoes in our bodies are organic chemical reactions. Metabolism, growth and maintenance of our body functions involves organic chemistry, as do the analogous changes taking place through out the living world, plant and animals.

Programme Outcome (PO):- M. Sc Chemistry

PO-1. Determine molecular structure by using UV, IR and NMR.

PO-2. Study of medicinal chemistry for lead compound.

PO-3. Synthesis of Natural products and drugs by using proper mechanisms.

PO-4. Study of Asymmetric synthesis.

PO-5. Determine the aromaticity of different compounds.

PO-6. Solve the reaction mechanisms and assign the final product

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