M. Com. (Financial Analysis)

M. Com. (Financial Analysis)

M.Com.(FA) is a two-year, intensive postgraduate course in finance and accounting,
conducted in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, and distributed over four semesters.
This programme focuses on financial analysis and aims to prepare students for advanced jobs
in the finance field. It consists of a core curriculum focused on corporate finance, investment
analysis, and financial modelling etc. This curriculum begins with general courses in
accounting and finance methods and concludes with complex topics such as portfolio
management and business analytics. The programme offers a broader exposure to finance and
business and focuses on financial management and related areas instead of general
management subjects.
The M. Com (FA) programme is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge
and skills to enter senior positions in finance. This degree focuses on financial analysis and
financial management and is a broad postgraduate course in finance. It includes a corporate
internship during the third semester and a detailed project during the fourth semester.
One of the major benefits of earning an M. Com (FA) is that it allows graduates to pursue
careers in financial analysis, which will be beneficial in many industries such as AMCs,
Insurance, Banking, Fintech Companies etc. This advanced degree is valued by employers
and opens many doors for professionals in the financial field. It is an excellent choice for
people interested in working in the finance sector and has numerous career options.

The broad objective of this course is to impart to students, professional education and training in various aspects of business and its environment, and provide them with opportunities to develop managerial and analytical skills that will equip them to meet the challenges of business, on national and global levels.



Programme Outcome (PO): M.Com (FA)

PO1: aware of various aspects of business theory and its operations

PO2: inculcate critical ability to solve business problems

PO3: develop managerial ability in the areas of business operations

PO4: apply and carry out research to understand business processes

PO5: instill sense of professionalism

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