Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Indian Academy Degree College Autonomous is committed to mould a generation which safeguards the virtues of gender equality and equity. Sexual Harassment is considered as malicious that need to be dealt with promptness and severity at all levels. In order to take a strenuous effort and apposite steps to put in place a mechanism to forbid, prevent and to address any form and degree of sexual harassment, the college has set up an Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee.

Goal: To ensure an environment for students, teachers and non-teaching staff in the campus free of sexual harassment, gender violence and discrimination on the basis of sex and gender. 


  • To set forth the expectations of conduct and mutual respect in regard to sexual harassment
  • To create awareness of the guidelines for redressal of sexual harassment.
  • To foster a mechanism for the preclusion and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender based violence.
  • To promote a social and psychological environment that will nurture awareness on sexual harassment and gender sensitization in its various forms.

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