Being Institutions with striking student strength, Indian Academy has consciously devised prerogative student support measures; one of which is its Institutional Scholarships Scheme. The endeavour of awarding and instituting Scholarships was initiated with the objective to award academic excellence and to also provide necessary monetary aid to students from economically weak sections of the society, thus giving them greater access to affordable, quality education.

Each year, the Trust awards a good number of students with these scholarships and plans to increase the number of Scholarships awarded, through the coming years. In the current year, about 30 students have benefited from these scholarships and shall be awarded scholarships adding up to Rs. 10,000 per student, every annum. Another important feature of this initiative is that the Trust is partnering with the community to raise these scholarships; some of these scholarships are instituted in the names of the sponsors who have kindly sponsored them, while a good number of them are both sponsored and instituted by the Indian Academy Education Trust.

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