Women’s Cell

Policies of the Women’s Council

The Women’s Council has been constituted to safeguard the interests and well being of all the women employees (Teaching, Non-Teaching and Technical ) and girl students of IADCA with the following objectives and activities.


  1. To make people aware of the activities of the Women’s Council.
  2. To gain insight into the issues faced by women employees and girl students.
  3. To evaluate grievances and to suggest measures and actions for achieving safe and healthy environment.
  4. To conduct activities for the enrichment of women

Function & Responsibilities

  1. Eve teasing incidents in the campus.
  2. Inappropriate behavior towards women staff.
  3. Improper treatment of girl students.
  4. Passing of unaesthetic and provocative comments and messages.
  5. Coordinate with the girl CRs for inputs.
  6. Equips the female students, faculty and staff members with the knowledge of their legal rights.
  1. Safeguards the rights of female students, faculty and staff members.
  2. Provides a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances.


  1. To conduct an open forum for discussion.
  2. To conduct sessions on women enrichment.
  3. To conduct workshops/seminars/webinars with renowned speakers sensitizing on the women’s rights, health, emotional well being, empowerment, privileges etc.

Action Plan

  1. Seminar on Entrepreneurial aspects for women.
  2. Seminar on the Legal rights of women.
  3. Seminar on Emotional health of women.
  4. Discussion sessions with the teaching, non- teaching staff, housekeeping staff and students to identify their issues.
  1. Conduct training programs for housekeeping staff.
  2. Enrichment sessions for Women.
  3. Celebrate International Women’s Day on 08th March and conduct activities and games.

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