B.A. (History, Economics, Political Science)

B.A. (History, Economics, Political Science)

The objective of this course is to provide a firm grounding in the subjects involved, to aid in the honing of analytical skills, to keep students abreast with the science of politics and economics

Name of the Department: BA ECONOMICS

Programme Outcome (PO): BA (HEP)

PO1:To impart the theoretical knowledge in economic theory and its application in practical field

PO2:  To improve the analytical skills to understand the working of economy.

PO3: Students will have the ability to analyze and use the economic tools.

PO4: Demonstrate the ability to use the economic way of thinking.

PO5: The Students will analyze the performance and functioning of government, markets and financial institutions with regard to social and economic problems.

PO6: Students will think critically about economic models, evaluating their assumptions and implications

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