B.A. ( Journalism, Optional English, Political Science)

The objective of this course is to provide a firm grounding in the subjects involved, to aid in the honing of analytical skills, to keep students abreast with the science of politics and political events; Journalism and English and to help them develop a realistic and pragmatic perspective on local, national, regional and international issues pertaining to media.

BA Journalism, Political Science, Optional English is a three-year degree programme, conducted in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, spread over six semesters. The course offers three subjects, namely journalism, political science, and optional English, with equal emphasis given to each of these three majors. English language and optional languages are also part of this curriculum, which can be pursued during semesters 1 to 4.

The journalism course is designed to meet the futuristic scene in the media. Students develop skills needed to work in the communication field, such as writing, information gathering, reporting, video production, online journalism, and media literacy. It gives the students an overview of journalism and introduces them to the concept of freedom of the press, and functions and models of communication, in the first year. Through the second and third years, it exposes them to jurisprudence, torts, rights, duties and constitutional laws, journalistic skills such as reporting a speech, presenting radio news, interviewing, and preparing on-screen layouts along with editing and designing. The course lays emphasis on practical training with internships in various media organisations, throughout the study programme.

Political science aims at moulding and making individuals ideal citizens. The course introduces various facts about related professions with a blend of theoretical politics supported by practical knowledge. The course aims to create a sense of altruism towards the nation, and prepares one for administrative services. It covers various aspects of core concepts, political theory, public administration, political thought, and international politics.

The study of literature through optional English is a key to understanding the history of any age. The three-year English literature course offers students an opportunity to understand the literary, cultural and social dynamism of England’s varied past, European and non-European writing, and integrates Indian writing in English, thereby facilitating a transcendence of linguistic nativism. Also, this study helps one view life with a spiritual, aesthetic and philosophical approach which will assist in leading a balanced life. Most importantly, a sound understanding of the language equips the students with communication skills, which is an indispensable part of success in any field in today’s competitive world.

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