As we are experiencing an upward trend in data analytics and computing power, the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme is in great demand and is designed to cater to the needs of the IT industry. BCA (Honours) is a 4-year degree programme consisting of courses which includes practical component namely, Problem solving concepts using C, Data Structures, Database Management System, Object oriented Programming using Java, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, Computer Networks, Data Analytics, Internet and Web Technologies, Machine Learning, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Block Chain Technologies.

There is theory only courses which include Discrete Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating System, Software Engineering, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and Theory of Computation. Each student will undergo internship during the seventh Semester and Project work in eighth semester. Apart from the discipline specific courses Language and Open elective courses are offered from 1st to 4th semester. As we focus on holistic development, the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme has skill-based courses and physical education from first to sixth semester. 

According to National Education Policy, a student pursuing BCA programme has a choice to exit after each year. The Exit options are:
  • After II Semester – Exit option with Certificate in Computer Applications (with a minimum of 52 credits)
  • After IV Semester – Exit option with Diploma in Computer Applications (with a minimum of 100 credits).
  • After VI Semester – Exit Option with Bachelor of Computer Applications Degree, BCA Degree (with a minimum of 144 credits) 
  • After VII Semester – Award of Bachelor of Computer Applications Honours Degree, BCA (Hons.) Degree (185 credits)

On completion of 3 years BCA programme, the student can pursue higher studies in MCA/ M.Sc Computer Science/ M.Sc Data Science, MBA.

On completion of 4 years BCA (honours) programme, the student can pursue research.

UVPs of Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme:

  • Highly qualified and well experienced faculty members
  • Experience Blended learning through innovative teaching methods
  • Excellent Computer Lab with WIFI and broadband facility
  • Extensive experiential learning activities through weekly computer club activities and intra-collegiate competitions   
  • Acquire knowledge on recent trends in IT through Guest talks by industrial experts.
  • Skill enhancement through Workshops and Projects 

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