Indian Academy Degree College started to offer B.Com (Banking & Insurance) in the year 2019.This course has been designed to create trained professionals who can handle various financial activities associated with banking and insurance sectors and to handle various technologies employed in the field of Banking and Insurance.
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com- Banking & Insurance) is a three-year degree Programme conducted in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, spread over six semesters. The students are exposed to various subjects in the area of finance, marketing, banking, insurance, taxation and accounting practice. Along with the training in different aspects of banking and insurance, soft skills such as communication and public relation skills will also be imparted to students. The department uses a variety of teaching tools to interact with students, ensuring efficient knowledge delivery. Our faculty members constantly adapt to and accept new techniques and methodologies in teaching.


  • Develop student competencies in the development, measurement, analysis, validation and communication of Banking, Insurance and other financial & accounting information.
  • Expose students to global, legal, regulatory and ethical issues relating to Banking and Insurance. 
  • Equip students with the technological skills for performing various Banking and Insurance operations.
  • Equip students with entrepreneurial skills required for setting up various incubation centers and small-scale enterprise.
  • Increased student autonomy in the learning process, ability to self reflects and engages in lifelong learning.

Name of the Department: COMMERCE

Programme Outcome (PO): Programme- B.COM (Banking and Insurance)

  • Sound understanding and knowledge of Banking, Insurance and accounting concepts, principles and the context in which it operates.
  • Ability to understand and apply the varied Banking and Insurance techniques including Life, General and Health Insurance concepts
  • Ability to use appropriate tools and techniques to evaluate the financial statements of Banking & insurance sector and apply the international accounting standards (IFRS) in preparation of the financial statements
  • Sense of professional ethics, integrity and social responsibility.
  • Develop ability to self-reflect on Banking, Insurance and Accounting concepts and principles and engage in lifelong learning

Duration of The Course: 3 YEARS (6 Semesters)

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