A B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) degree in Biotechnology with a minor in Genetics typically involves a comprehensive study of Biotechnology with a focus on genetic principles, techniques, and applications. Major in Biotechnology encompasses a broad range of topics related to the manipulation of living organisms or their systems to develop products and technologies that improve human life and the environment. Some of the key areas covered in a Biotechnology major include Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Bioprocessing, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Applications and Environmental Biotechnology. Alongside the students choosing Genetics as the minor typically get a foundational understanding of genetic principles and their applications by learning aspects of Classical Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Population Genetics, Genomics and Genetic Diseases. By combining a major in Biotechnology with a minor in Genetics, students can gain a strong interdisciplinary foundation in both fields, preparing them for various career paths in biotechnology, genetic engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and environmental science, among others. Additionally, this combination can provide a solid basis for further graduate studies or research in specialized areas of biotechnology or genetics.
The program focuses on enhancing the scientific temper in young minds, assist them in developing a scientific acumen and discover their own fields of interest. The program is aimed to promote academic excellence by building sound scientific knowledge and adequate practical exposure in various fields of Biotechnology and Genetics and through regular lectures, laboratory sessions, workshops, projects, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, industrial visits and several co-curricular activities. It would also enhance the understanding of human health & disease including the role played by environmental factors, lifestyle and cultural practices by encouraging students to indulge in research in the broad area of Life Sciences. The program will also equip students in acquiring skills for effective scientific communication like publications in scholarly journals and presentations in various National and International conferences and workshops.

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