B.Sc. - Electronics and Computer Science

Electronics deals with the study of electrical circuits and components such as transistors, diodes, tubes, and integrated circuits. Thousands of everyday devices that we use are electronically operated. From charging your phone to cooking your favourite dishes, we are highly dependent on electrical appliances.  We are highly dependent on electronic gadgets for our daily activities.  

It is a comprehensive course that explains the functioning of electronic devices, the integration of electronics components and the processing of data and signal. The curriculum is framed to equip the students with in-depth knowledge about discrete components, Electronics devices, digital electronics, Verilog, Communications, Digital System processing, biomedical systems, microprocessor and micro controller applications.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics or BSc Electronics is a 3 year degree course or 4 year Honors course that focuses on the study of Analog Electronics, Electromagnetic, Digital System Design, Communications, Optoelectronics, Electromagnetics, Engineering Materials, and Mathematics. This program aim is to impart knowledge on how the different devices work and is designed for various purposes. Moreover, students wanting to delve deeper into this technical field can also go for higher studies, i.e. M.Tech Electronics and Ph.D. in any specialized branch of Electronics.

The programme is two major course Electronics and Computer science. The curriculum is followed as per NEP 2020 syllabus.  The programme is dynamic and offers various opportunities for students to work in the information technology, telecommunication as well as electronic instrumentation industries. 

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