B.Sc. Genetics and Microbiology

Undergraduate Programme in B.Sc. Genetics, Biotechnology ensure that the teaching of Genetics and Biotechnology is integrated with, and stimulated by, research in the subject. The curriculum is designed to instill interest and enthuse students, and to train and motivate them for research in the field. Our 4 year B.Sc. course provides the students an in-depth understanding of the principles of biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Biotechnology to help build a sound foundation of knowledge in the chosen field.

The programme involved in conducting cutting-edge research in the field of Molecular Genetics and Genomics and in the use of computational biology providing competence at undergraduate and graduate levels for careers in life sciences, healthcare, industry and education and strive for translating Genetics, Microbiology and Biotechnology knowledge for the welfare of Mankind.

Focus of the programme lies in instilling and enhancing the scientific temper in young minds, assist them in developing a scientific acumen and discover their fields of interest.

Aim to promote academic excellence by providing adequate practical exposure in various fields of Genetics, Microbiology and Biotechnology through regular laboratory sessions, workshops, projects, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, industrial visits and several co-curricular activities in understanding human health & disease, and the cross-talk of these components with environmental factors, lifestyle and cultural practices by facilitating cutting-edge research involving individuals, families and populations.

The departments involve the students in research projects and encourage them to showcase their research findings as publications and presentations on various scientific platforms and also encourage faculty members to conduct independent research projects by providing numerous funding opportunities.

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