B.Sc. – Physics and Computer Science

The Department of Physics, Indian Academy Degree College was established in the year 2009 with the establishment of the three-year B.Sc. (Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science) Program with a sanctioned strength of 25. The Department is also offering two-year Post graduation program in Physics with intake of 25. Over the years, the growing international and National reputation of the Department has enabled it to join several international and National collaborations. Research in the Department is being pursued in many of the major contemporary areas of experimental and theoretical physics.
Physics is a basic science that attempts to explain how the universe functions. Technological advancements have a direct correlation with advancements in the field of physics. A Physics degree like BSc Physics Honours will assist students to improve their logical, reasoning, and intellectual thinking skills. Physics is a discipline that may lead to some of the most intriguing and rewarding occupations in the world.

Bachelor of Science in Physics is generally a 3-year undergraduate degree or four- year Honours program. Through the vast curriculum of the course, the students get to learn about varied concepts, namely, quantum mechanics, waves, particle and nuclear physics,electromagnetism, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics etc. Further, practical and theoretical knowledge is imparted to the students along with a greater emphasis on the practical application of the principles of Physics.
The programme is two major course Physics and Computer science. The curriculum is followed as per NEP 2020 syllabus. Students can work in a variety of professions after graduation. Because of the rapid growth of technology, there is always room for advancement in the discipline of physics. Students can work as researchers, professors, technicians, lab assistants, and physicists, among other positions..

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