B.Sc. Data Science

Today’s world generates enormous data, and businesses rely on it for further development. Immense unstructured/structured data needs to be processed and prepared to make it an asset for industries. Data-driven technology is transforming our daily lives and businesses. 

Data science aims to drill the data to discover hidden potential and to bring value. It has been an integral part of businesses at all levels. The irreplaceable demand for data analysis secures a niche for data scientists in businesses.

 To build a career in data science, one must understand data science tools and technologies. One should also be able to interpret data, develop data models and build data analytics solutions. In addition, he/she must possess strong problem-solving skills, excellent communication abilities, and a drive to find insights into data.

A student of the B.Sc. Data Science programme at Indian Academy Degree College Autonomous, would be provided excellent training in the tools and techniques used to discover patterns in the hidden data as well as gain insights in the high dimensional data and thereby build a career in Data Science. The courses in the programme would be handled by faculty members who are highly experienced and had done research in Data Mining/Data Science.

Future Scope

The role of a data scientist is set to grow even more in importance as data becomes increasingly crucial for businesses. As data grows larger, more complex, and more accessible through big data analytics tools, more data scientists will be required to gain insights of the data. This increases data science scope in the future and makes it an incredibly lucrative career option.

Data scientists work to understand data, interpret it, and use it for informed decision-making in companies, government departments, and other organizations.

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