Bachelor of Commerce B.Com.


The Department of Commerce was established in the year 1999 with a B. Com Degree course. The Department currently offers B. Com and B. Com (with ACCA) Programmes. The programmes have been catered to aspirants who desire to build their professional competence on higher plateaus, with specialized knowledge in the fields of Accounting, Commerce & Business studies. 

The Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and B. Com (with ACCA) programmes under the National Education Policy 2020 which is a four-year Honours Degree programme with multiple exit options spread over eight semesters. The students are exposed to various subjects varying from Accounting, Financial Analysis & Modelling, Digital Marketing, Financial Engineering to Entrepreneurship, taxation and Auditing subjects which cater the current demand in the industry that provides for self-learning and enhances the student learning experience and thus resulting in life-long learning. Being an autonomous college, the curriculum is updated frequently aligning with the industry requirements. The programme focuses on holistic development offering other activities such as yoga, health and well-being, digital fluency, soft skills etc., which is a part of the curriculum.  

A variety of ICT-enabled teaching tools and pedagogies are developed and delivered to students. The faculty engage in continuous interaction with students and other stakeholders ensuring efficient delivery of knowledge and skills. Our faculty members constantly adapt to and accept new techniques and methodologies in learning & teaching.

It must be proudly noted here that the department has distinguished Alumni in various walks of life worldwide, and they are a great inspiration and pride to our institution and Department. They constantly collaborate and are closely involved in our success path in our academic endeavours.

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