B.A. - Journalism and Political Sciences


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science is entitled to study the benefits of Journalism and Political Science which is very much in need at present. The programme covers various facts of the profession with a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The Course introduces various aspects and scope of journalism and the qualities required to be an efficient Journalist which helps to imbibe analytical skills and to develop a realistic and pragmatic perspective in Print, Electronic & Multimedia.

The Department of Political Science aims at moulding and making the student an ideal citizen. The course introduces various facts of the profession with a blend of theoretical politics with practical knowledge. The programme help students to contribute more towards the welfare of the Nation, prepares them for an ideal  competitive world to take up administrative services.

The academic programme has been created in light of the necessity for specialists in this industry.The course is integrated in a way that students can apply what they’ve learnt both in  personal and professional life.

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