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About Indian Academy degree college

Our Vision

To be a dominant player in imparting career-oriented, comprehensive education in India, to establish and deliver academic programmes noted for their ability to integrate professional education with humanistic, scientific and social learning as well as research capability.

Our Mission

To provide cutting-edge, career-oriented academic programmes in a supportive and stimulating environment, for the intellectual and ethical growth of a diverse student community, with an unwavering commitment to excellence in education, sensitivity to students and, to the spirit of community.

To prepare graduates who manifest critical, creative and effective communication skills along with informed value judgments and a strong educational foundation in mastering tomorrow’s challenges by partnering with the government, businesses and the community.

Our Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of IADC is to achieve excellence in Teaching, Research, Student Support, Extension and Consultancy through innovative methods and practices. Performance of the Quality Management System will be assessed and upgraded continuously through a process of self- evaluation, based on the feedback of students, teachers, parents and other stake holders.



Respect involves understanding the gifts and unique contributions of every individual in the society and valuing diverse perspectives. Respect for personal dignity and individual potential prompts IADC to welcome students and help them succeed in all their endeavours.


Compassion compels one to understand and embrace others in their suffering. This demands high commitment, courage of conviction, sensitivity, understanding and care. Members of IADC stand by each other in times of personal crisis or grief, express compassion through multiple endeavours that respond to the needs of one another.


Excellence commits individuals to challenge themselves to utilize their naturally gifted intellect. IADC’s commitment to excellence touches all aspects of college life from curriculum programmes to cultural programmes, from student services to campus environment, from recruitment to publications, and from special occasions to everyday activities.


Service calls for willingness and ability to contribute towards the well-being of the society. Service to the student community forms key stone of IADC.


Integrity gives the ability to realize the greater good in actions. Integrity, whether personal or institutional, implies coherence between words and acts. Integrity connects the college with the Society through its intellectual services.


Diversity builds a community that fosters a climate that is open and welcoming to diverse people, ideas and perspectives. It forms a platform to encompass and engage faculty, staff and students in the manifold activities that promote the core values of IADC.

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