Due to the wide variety of animals and the intricate processes that take place inside them, zoology is one of the most interdisciplinary fields of study. Zoology studies sometimes begin with a general study of the main ideas of biosciences, including crucial chemicals, genes, and cells. These courses are typically provided as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. You will study taxonomy, ecology, fundamental biochemistry, biodiversity, and animal behaviour in addition to learning how to protect and care for animal life.

After finishing their post-graduate studies, candidates can choose to pursue a PhD in zoology. Candidates for this field primarily learn about the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, ecology, behaviour, and conservation of animals.

After earning a BSc, MSc, or PhD in zoology, there are numerous career choices. Candidates can find employment prospects in governmental offices, environmental organisations, academic institutions, the biotech, pharmaceutical, and environmental/ecological industries.


Biochemistry is the study of mechanisms of life at the molecular level. Thus, knowledge of this subject has become an indispensable tool to biologists. Biochemistry mainly deals with the reactions involved in the degradation of food substances which provide the energy required by organisms to survive. Some of the major topics covered as part of this subject are principles of chemistry and physics, structure and function of macromolecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids, enzymes and enzyme kinetics, biochemistry and function of micronutrients and vitamins, and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. In addition, molecular genetics, molecular cell biology and immunology are also covered.

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